UK Air Safety Group

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This organisation is a small voluntary group founded in England in 1964. It is composed largely of aviation professionals who hold the view that there have been, and to some extent still are, too many preventable accidents to Commercial Air transport aircraft. Furthermore, some of these accidents and their resultant casualties arise from inadequate action on the part of the aviation industry and its Regulatory Authorities. To address these concerns, the Air Safety Group has, since its inception, lobbied continuously to achieve improvements. Notwithstanding these concerns, however, the Group fully acknowledges the great improvement in safety that has come about since its formation.

Throughout its history, Group membership has comprised Engineers, Pilots, Doctors, Journalists and Parliamentarians. Membership is open to any individual interested in furthering safety in Commercial Air Transport. Corporate membership is not permitted but the Group welcomes individuals from other associations and professional bodies as members in their own right. The Group is always willing to co-operate with other bodies with similar aims. Meetings have been held in the past mainly at the House of Commons, although it must be stressed that the Group is independent and is strictly non-party political. Currently our meetings are held at IMechE, 1,Birdcage Walk, London. In January 2008, the Air Safety Group and the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in order that the ASG may provide aviation safety advice to PACTS. ASG/PACTS meetings are held two or three times a year at Portcullis House

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