Go with your Passion!

What are you Passionate about?

As a business, and as a manager, you will only do your best work when you really believe in what you are doing, and that means having a passion for the work, for your customers, and for achieving the goals which you set yourself or which are set for you.

It is hard to develop this passion for something that you don’t believe in, or which you think is “just a job” – and much more so for the staff you manage and lead.

In my previous Blogs we have looked at “What Business Are you in?” and “Who are your customers?” which I am sure as a manager and leader of men you were able to answer very clearly.

Have you passed these beliefs, this “passion” on to your staff?  Do they “Go with your Passion“?

What business would they say that they are in?  Who would they say their customers are?

If you haven’t effectively communicated your beliefs and your passion to them, then how are they to know which direction to move in?

If you are a “leader” then you have “followers” and any manager with anything but minimum experience will know that your staff are experts in you, and make you a point of their study.  Your attitudes to staff, to customers, to timekeeping, to all aspects of the business, will be seen, noted and will influence their attitudes and very quickly will be the ethical standpoint of your company.

If you say in your Quality Procedures that one of the key objectives is “Great Customer Service” then you as the leader must demonstrate Great Customer Service and must back up and reinforce those that demonstrate it within the company.  Be Honest!  If that isn’t you, then find another “key objective” that you can believe in, and be passionate about.

Next time we go on to look at Strengths and Weaknesses, but without establishing where you are as a leader, and your honest ethical standpoint as a business, this becomes fairly pointless.

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