Business Management Consultant

As a manager of an SME, you will know that there is little or no time for looking into the future, assessing your Strengths and Weaknesses against the competing market and identifying directions that need improvement.

Starting with a one to two day analysis of your business, I will work with your staff to propose areas which are in need of work;

Specialising in the highly regulated fields of Commercial Aerospace and Military Systems, lessons learned can be applied to many other markets, and can save you time and money through use of modern sales and marketing methods and management tools.

Sometimes it is not possible to see the solution to management issues from the inside, and a fresh look at a problem is needed. I can mentor and coach you as an owner / manager, and empathise with many of the day to day problems that you are faced with, as I have worked as a sole trader, limited company, start-up, and in some of the largest companies in the UK.

I can help you to develop Growth Plans, Marketing and Business Plans, and guide you through a tried and trusted process, allowing you to achieve your business goals through a strategy which you own and which is right for your business.

I am experienced in approaching potential customers at international levels, and in presenting at both small and large conferences and seminars, and can help you develop and hone your presentation materials and skills.

I am always looking for excellent companies to work with, where my particular style and skill set will be of greatest benefit. If any of this seems useful to you, then call me on +44 7770 655600, or leave a reply below.

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